Hello there! I'm Jenny, and this is my blog - or more specifically the About Me section of my blog. So, about me...where to start...

I was born in Stoke Newington, London. Now I live on the East coast of Scotland which I love but I've always wanted to live in either LA or New York. Mainly California though...
Aged 23, and starting to feel grown up (although I'll always have a mental age of about 17).
Currently I live in a wee flat in a renovated mill with my lovely boyfriend Kyle and our two cats, Sparky and Salem.

My favourite things to do are eating, shopping, listening to music, going to the cinema and watching TV show marathons in bed. I'm easy to please and easily amused, I like my own company as well as the company of others, depending on my mood.
I also love photography, cats and make-up. As well as my strange interest in serial killers and other morbid things like that.

I hope you enjoy my blog, I try and post as regularly as I can!


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