Sunday, 26 May 2013

Accessorize Baked Merged Blusher in Diva | Review + Swatches.

Good evening! It's time for yet another review, starting to feel like I'm getting nowhere with them. Give me strength...
Today's review is on a blusher I bought in Superdrug, it's by Accessorize and it's called Diva (£3.99, I think). It's a merged baked blusher, which is something I'd never tried before. I've always thought they are very pretty!

This shade is mainly made up of pink and peach swirls with a bit of lilac thrown in there. It's rather pearly and shimmery, which I don't tend to go for (pearly anyway). Super pretty to look at!

It's quite toned down which I like, always nice to get a subtle glow going. You can build it up a little if you like, but overall I'm disappointed by the pigmentation. I had my doubts when I first saw Accessorize had a make-up range. I'm not sure on the packaging either, it feels a bit cheap. These two problems somewhat confirm my suspicions about this brand. What do you think?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in 110 Ivory | Review + Swatches.

Time for another review! Getting through them slowly but surely. This review is about Revlons Nearly Naked foundation (£8.99). I'm sure you've heard about it by now, it's huge in the blog world at the moment, or it has been in the past couple of months. As usual I'm a little behind!

I bought one of the lightest shades, Ivory. There was another light one called Shell but I thought this one was better suited to my skin tone. It matches pretty well which was surprising as most drugstore brands don't tend to have light enough shades for pale folk. The only other one I've found is Rimmels Match Perfection in 010 (review here).

So straight away I liked it because it matched my skin tone, great start. It also applies easily and quickly when using my Real Techniques Buffing brush. My skin is still very, very dry at the moment and I found it accentuated it even more. The Rimmel foundation does this too, rather annoying. Even if I exfoliate my skin beforehand it makes little difference.
Other than that I really like the feel and look of Nearly Naked. It is light to medium coverage which I like because my freckles still show through a little. It also feels nice and light so you don't really notice you're wearing make up. I'd say it lasts all day, but I tend to have to touch up sometimes because of my dry skin.
The thing that most people have an issue with is that it doesn't have a pump, but I don't find that to be a problem. You just need to be careful when you're pouring it out.
To see me wearing it click here.

BarryM Textured Nail Effect Polish in Ridley Road | Review.

Once again the weather is strangely glorious. This time I actually went out in the sunshine, alas it was only to do some leafleting for work. At least I was being paid to wander around in the sun.

The nail polish I'm reviewing today is perfect for Spring and Summer. It's a beautiful pastel turquoise colour called Ridley Road and it's from the Textured Polish range by BarryM (£3.99). As you're probably aware I'm awful at explaining colours but I'd describe it as a pastel mint colour that leans a little blue (so in my mind, turquoise).

I love the name, Ridley Road is in Dalston, which is very near to the area in London where I was born (Stoke Newington). My mum used to go to the Ridley Road market all the time and the last time we visited London we went shopping there. There's the most amazing fabric shop there, as well as copious amounts of fruit and veg stalls.

I've never worn a textured nail polish before and I must say I wasn't all that sure beforehand. As soon as I tried it though it was love. The 4 colours in the range are all beautiful pastel shades, but they still pack a punch as they are a little brighter than your average pastel. I do wish there was more of a shade range but maybe there will be in the future.
This shade took two layers to be opaque and build up the texture a bit.

The Good.

Beautiful colour.
Interesting texture.
Only £3.99.
Opaque after 2 coats.
Lasts for a couple of days without chipping.

The Bad.

Limited colour range.

Safe to say I love this nail polish, I really want to get the other shades too. Have you tried any textured nail polishes before? What are your favourite polishes for Spring/Summer?

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Collection Volume Sensation Lipstick in Satin Bow | Review + Swatches.

Another review on a Collection product today! This one is a lipstick in the shade Satin Bow (£2.99). In my review of their felt tip liner I mentioned that I picked up a few other items by Collection, this is one of them. I'm very glad I bought this lipstick, it's lovely.

As the name Volume Sensation suggests it's one of those lip products that tingles slightly when you first put it on, I thought this would put me off but it's not too bad at all. I rather enjoy it actually! I can't say that it gives my lips any extra volume.

I would describe this shade as a very pretty soft pink colour, but it's not too nude. This is prefect for my skin tone, I find it hard to find a light pink colour that doesn't wash me out. In the photos it comes across as slightly brown in tone but it's more pink in person. It's glossy and feels a little moisturising as well as tingly. I'd say this lasts about 3 hours max on me, that's without eating or drinking.
To see me wearing this look here.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Wednesday Waffle Weeks 20, 21 + 22 | Supernatural, Dior, Johanna Basford + New Job.

Wow, it's been a busy 3 weeks. I started my new job on the 26th of April and have been training since then! All hands on stuff and learning on the job, but it's been intense. I'm so tired constantly and every spare moment at home has involved Supernatural. I've become obsessed, strange considering I thought I probably wouldn't like it. I've halfway through season 2, I love that I've still got 6 seasons to watch! Still got two seasons of Gilmore Girls to go as well. Another show I've started is Sons of Anarchy, only seen the first episode but digging it so far. That's right, digging it.
Any show suggestions?

Last Friday I went to the opening of the latest exhibition at the DCA. The exhibition is by Johanna Basford, she mainly does black and white illustrations which are amazing. She graduated from the same art college as me, and when we had our degree show she designed our invitations.
Check out her work here, it's beautiful!

In other news I picked up my glasses today. I had a bit of a splurge and bought Dior ones! They are amazing, I'm in love with them. I'll take some photos soon probably, I'm still getting used to my reflection. For now here's a link to them.

Ok, so that's basically it, nothing else to report! Just wanted to check in and keep up with these posts (yes, I'm aware it's been about a month since my last one, oops).

One last thing, Cosmopolitan are taking nominations for their 2013 Blog Awards. If you think I deserve it I would be eternally grateful if you would recommend me in the Best New Beauty award!? It only takes a minute! Shameless self promotion going on here,

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Real Techniques Brushes Core Collection | Review.

What a glorious day we're having! I hope it's been nice and sunny for everyone?
It's time for another review that I've been meaning to do for weeks and weeks! Terrible I know, but I'm just way behind on everything at the moment.

This review is about the Real Techniques Core Collection of brushes. They are by Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo. This set cost me £21.99 from Boots and had been on my wishlist for a good two or three months before I caved! The main reason I wanted this set was because of the Buffing Brush and as far as I'm aware it can't be bought separately. I'd read so many rave reviews about this brush and I was looking for a new foundation brush so I set my heart on this one.

L-R Contour, Pointed Foundation, Detailer, Buffing.

The other brushes included in this set are the Contour brush, Pointed  Foundation brush and Detailer brush. You also get a little case that turns into a stand. I think it's handy but isn't very sturdy feeling.
I really like using the Contour brush with my Sleek Face Form contouring powder, they work so well together! The Detailer brush is great for using with concealer, especially around my nose and on blemishes. I'm still trying to find something to use the Pointed Foundation brush for as it's too small for foundation. I also find that the Buffing brush is the only thing I need for my foundation application. It's brilliant, slightly smaller than any foundation brush I've used before but you get used to it after a couple of uses.

The Good.

4 brushes + case for £22.
Great quality.
Buffing brush + Contour brush are fantastic.
Easy to clean.
Soft bristles.
No shedding.

The Bad.

Case feels flimsy.
Can't buy brushes separately.

I would probably buy this set again, but to be completely honest if I could have bought the Buffing brush on it's own I would have. They are great quality, but I don't have a use for the Foundation brush as it's an odd size.
Do you have this set, or any others like this?

One last thing, Cosmopolitan are taking nominations for their 2013 Blog Awards. If you think I deserve it I would be eternally grateful if you would recommend me in the Best New Beauty award!? It only takes a minute! 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Collection Extreme 24HR Felt Tip Liner | Swatch + Review.

Collection (or Collection 2000) are a brand that I have always used but only owned one product of theirs at a time, usually their cult product Lasting Perfection concealer or their pressed powder. So I thought it was about time I checked them out properly. A month or so ago there was an offer on in Boots where if you spent over £5 on Collection make-up you could get one of their Extreme 24HR felt tip eyeliners for free (usually £2.99). So I bought a lipstick and a nail polish, I decided on the teal liner as I love anything teal and I didn't have anything like it at home.

My past foray into felt tip liners has been a bit of a bust, the one I got from Elf was rubbish and dried out. The nib also splayed and fell apart. So I must say I was wary at first, but after a few uses it's still not dried out or shown any signs of falling apart. Probably something to do with the very secure lid (if you remember to click it shut properly!).

You can achieve many different lines with this pen, it is very easy to use and is very versatile. Normally I'm pretty crap at applying any kind of eyeliner but this stuff is great! It makes it so easy for doing a cat eye liner, or anything else you might want to try. I must say I'm in love, I even went and bought the black one for both myself and the giveaway!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Announcement | Giveaway Winner!


I wanted to announce the winner of my giveaway! *drumroll*

Ashleigh D. Congratulations! I've sent you an e-mail so if you could reply to me within 24 hours that would be great.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered, there will be another chance to win some goodies soon. :)


Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tired | Mini Catch-up Post.

Hello! Sorry it's been such a long time (a week, feels like more) since I posted. Life at the moment is hectic, I just started a new job and I feel so out of my comfort zone it's crazy. My spare time has consisted of sleeping, mattress buying and watching far too much Supernatural. I got through the first season in about 4 nights.

The giveaway will close in about a days time, I'll announce the winner late on Saturday night hopefully! Last chance to enter!

Hope everyone is well! I have so many posts to catch up on, I'm looking forward to it though! Will probably be Monday before I have a proper post up. Busy busy!

Hello to any new followers! Sorry it's a bit boring at the moment, it's not usually like this...

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