Tuesday, 21 May 2013

BarryM Textured Nail Effect Polish in Ridley Road | Review.

Once again the weather is strangely glorious. This time I actually went out in the sunshine, alas it was only to do some leafleting for work. At least I was being paid to wander around in the sun.

The nail polish I'm reviewing today is perfect for Spring and Summer. It's a beautiful pastel turquoise colour called Ridley Road and it's from the Textured Polish range by BarryM (£3.99). As you're probably aware I'm awful at explaining colours but I'd describe it as a pastel mint colour that leans a little blue (so in my mind, turquoise).

I love the name, Ridley Road is in Dalston, which is very near to the area in London where I was born (Stoke Newington). My mum used to go to the Ridley Road market all the time and the last time we visited London we went shopping there. There's the most amazing fabric shop there, as well as copious amounts of fruit and veg stalls.

I've never worn a textured nail polish before and I must say I wasn't all that sure beforehand. As soon as I tried it though it was love. The 4 colours in the range are all beautiful pastel shades, but they still pack a punch as they are a little brighter than your average pastel. I do wish there was more of a shade range but maybe there will be in the future.
This shade took two layers to be opaque and build up the texture a bit.

The Good.

Beautiful colour.
Interesting texture.
Only £3.99.
Opaque after 2 coats.
Lasts for a couple of days without chipping.

The Bad.

Limited colour range.

Safe to say I love this nail polish, I really want to get the other shades too. Have you tried any textured nail polishes before? What are your favourite polishes for Spring/Summer?


  1. This looks so good! xx


    1. You should try it out, BarryM polishes are great.


  2. I bought this in yellow and didn't realise it was textured and really loved it once I got over the weird feeling! It got lots of compliments :)

    Jodie xo
    What Would Audrey Wear?

    1. That must have been a bit of a surprise! It is lovely, once you get used to it. Glad to hear you got some compliments :)


  3. The texture is so unique! I wish they sold Barry M in the U.S. as well :(


    1. It is different, takes a while to get used to! That is a shame, I'm sure they'll branch out eventually! There are so many American brands that don't sell here either. Boo!



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