Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Real Techniques Brushes Core Collection | Review.

What a glorious day we're having! I hope it's been nice and sunny for everyone?
It's time for another review that I've been meaning to do for weeks and weeks! Terrible I know, but I'm just way behind on everything at the moment.

This review is about the Real Techniques Core Collection of brushes. They are by Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo. This set cost me £21.99 from Boots and had been on my wishlist for a good two or three months before I caved! The main reason I wanted this set was because of the Buffing Brush and as far as I'm aware it can't be bought separately. I'd read so many rave reviews about this brush and I was looking for a new foundation brush so I set my heart on this one.

L-R Contour, Pointed Foundation, Detailer, Buffing.

The other brushes included in this set are the Contour brush, Pointed  Foundation brush and Detailer brush. You also get a little case that turns into a stand. I think it's handy but isn't very sturdy feeling.
I really like using the Contour brush with my Sleek Face Form contouring powder, they work so well together! The Detailer brush is great for using with concealer, especially around my nose and on blemishes. I'm still trying to find something to use the Pointed Foundation brush for as it's too small for foundation. I also find that the Buffing brush is the only thing I need for my foundation application. It's brilliant, slightly smaller than any foundation brush I've used before but you get used to it after a couple of uses.

The Good.

4 brushes + case for £22.
Great quality.
Buffing brush + Contour brush are fantastic.
Easy to clean.
Soft bristles.
No shedding.

The Bad.

Case feels flimsy.
Can't buy brushes separately.

I would probably buy this set again, but to be completely honest if I could have bought the Buffing brush on it's own I would have. They are great quality, but I don't have a use for the Foundation brush as it's an odd size.
Do you have this set, or any others like this?

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  1. I love Real Techniques so much I have two of these sets. If you got it just for the buffing brush, the expert face brush would have been a great alternative :)

    Dusterknuckles | Fashion // Beauty // Lifestyle

    1. They are great! Yeah I noticed that one on the website, but I wasn't sure. I also really wanted it there and then when I was in Boots haha. I'm glad I bought it as I do like the Contouring brush too. :)


  2. ohhhhhhh i was just looking at this set in Walmart the other day!!! I have been wanting to try a new foundation brush for ages now I am very glad to hear you liked it

    1. It is fantastic, I don't want to use anything else now! Like Amy said above maybe the expert face brush would be good to try out instead of buying the set.


  3. Great post! to be honest i have a set of brushes someone gave me as a gift and I only know the ones for blush, powder and eyeshadow. I have no idea what all the others are for :(



    1. I've only just recently started using more brushes, before I just used my fingers or those awful sponge applicator things. The Buffing brush is great for foundation. I think the three you mentioned are the main ones you need brushes for.



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