Monday, 6 May 2013

Collection Extreme 24HR Felt Tip Liner | Swatch + Review.

Collection (or Collection 2000) are a brand that I have always used but only owned one product of theirs at a time, usually their cult product Lasting Perfection concealer or their pressed powder. So I thought it was about time I checked them out properly. A month or so ago there was an offer on in Boots where if you spent over £5 on Collection make-up you could get one of their Extreme 24HR felt tip eyeliners for free (usually £2.99). So I bought a lipstick and a nail polish, I decided on the teal liner as I love anything teal and I didn't have anything like it at home.

My past foray into felt tip liners has been a bit of a bust, the one I got from Elf was rubbish and dried out. The nib also splayed and fell apart. So I must say I was wary at first, but after a few uses it's still not dried out or shown any signs of falling apart. Probably something to do with the very secure lid (if you remember to click it shut properly!).

You can achieve many different lines with this pen, it is very easy to use and is very versatile. Normally I'm pretty crap at applying any kind of eyeliner but this stuff is great! It makes it so easy for doing a cat eye liner, or anything else you might want to try. I must say I'm in love, I even went and bought the black one for both myself and the giveaway!

The Good.

Only costs £2.99.
Lovely colour.
Fantastic pigmentation.
Easy to use - lines easy to control.
Nice packaging.
Doesn't dry out.

The Bad.

They should do more colours, I think they only have 3 or 4.

Once again I found it hard to think of any negatives. This has been on of my favourite purchases of the year! I cannot recommend it highly enough, I think everyone should own this liner.

Can anyone recommend a nice bright blue or turquoise liquid liner?


  1. I use this liner daily. Can't remember how long I've had it and it still hasn't run out or gone weird. Best felt tip liner on the market in my opinion! I just bought two more as back ups :) xx

    1. It's brilliant isn't it?! I'm so glad I randomly decided I needed it! I'm glad someone else agrees, I've only heard good things about it though.
      I may have to try the purple one next, not sure...


  2. Gorgeous Color! I've only tried a few bits of Collection but love it.

    1. It is something a bit different. They do have some brilliant products!



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