Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Treat - Chanel Lipstick.

Every Christmas I like to buy myself a wee present, last year it was a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas (not such a wee present, I know) and this year it is a Chanel lipstick. I've been eyeing it up for a good few weeks. With a price tag of £25 I feel that I could only justify buying it as a gift to myself at this time of year. I also got 10% off in Debenhams, so it was £22.50.

I absolutely love the colour, and it's matte! It's from the Eclats Du Soir collection, and it's called Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick in L'Impatient. The colour is a deep berry shade, which does look a bit daunting in the bullet but it's gorgeous on. I would say it's the perfect colour for winter! If you're unsure about the colour it's best to swatch it first. I was surprised when I swatched it, but I still loved it!

You can wear it on it's own or with a lip liner, I prefer to use a lip liner and fill in my lips first. This helps show off the colour as I feel that it's not as pigmented as it should be. You will see in the photographs and swatches what I mean. If you don't want an opaque lip it works well just patted on lightly as well.  Like I said it is pretty versatile and you can wear it a few different ways.

Isn't it a beautiful colour?! I'm completely in love, I also love the packaging, it really makes it feel like a luxury product. This is my first luxury make-up item and I'm so pleased with it. It's not too drying on the lips which was a big fear I had. I feel when worn alone it is a little more dry than if I wear a lip liner underneath. That's another reason I like it better with the lip liner as a base.

The Good.

Lovely colour.
Perfect for Winter.
Not too drying.
Luxury product.
Fantastic packaging.
Great quality.

The Bad.

Price - £25.
Could be more opaque.
Colour not true to bullet - still lovely though.

Once again the good outweighs the bad, as you would hope after paying £25 full price for this item! I'd love to buy some more Chanel make-up items but I really can't justify the price at the moment.

Do you own anything by Chanel, or if you could what would it be?


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