Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Wednesday Waffle - Week 2 | Tumblr, Benefit + Taylor Swift.

Seasons greetings!
It's getting so close to Christmas, I still can't believe how quickly this year has gone. It's crazy!

This week has been a little quieter for me, mainly been working. Also trying to get the rest of my present shopping completed. Yesterday was very productive; I did lots of tidying and cleaning as well as present wrapping.
In the midst of all that I did my make-up with the little Benefit set I bought at the event last week. My next post will be about that, I love it!

You can see what lovely things I've been reblogging on Tumblr by clicking on the screenshots below...

Fashion/Beauty/Inspiration Blog.

Personal/Random Blog.

What has everyone else been up to, getting ready for the holidays, treating yourselves, buying party outfits and make up?
I'm almost done shopping which is exciting. Looking forward to giving everyone their presents!

I've been trying to resist listening to Taylor Swift, everything about her annoys me but her music is so damn catchy it's unreal! So I caved and have started listening to her album Red. I hate myself a little bit for it. My favourite song is All Too Well.
Here's what else my iTunes has been throwing up this week - I love

What is on everyone's Christmas Wishlist? I always forget when people ask me that question, I can't even think of anything at the moment!

Not too much waffling for today, I just hope everyone has a nice festive period, have fun and stay safe!


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