Tuesday, 4 December 2012

"MAC" Brush Set.

Ok, so this post is perhaps going to be a slightly controversial one. Last month I purchased a set of brushes from ebay for £12. The controversial thing is that it's a set of fake MAC brushes. I don't feel bad buying fakes things once in a while because I do usually buy everything from the actual companies.

I didn't have many make-up brushes before, I had a powder brush, a blush brush and a couple of random eyeshadow ones. All of which are very cheap, but I still use them as they have lasted well and do the job!
I wanted to experiment a little and try out a few different types of brushes but didn't want to spend a lot. So ebay it was! These brushes have since been removed from the sellers shop as they apparently sold the maximum quantity they were allowed, although I have a feeling there were perhaps some legal reasons...Who knows. All I know is that they are great quality, and I'm very, very happy with my purchase!
What did I get? Well here we go.


There are 12 brushes in total, so that's £1 each and a free bag!

Here is a list of the numbers, descriptions and their prices on the MAC site. They are listed in order as pictured above, from top to bottom.

136 - Large Powder Brush (discontinued, I think) - £40.
187 - Duo Fibre Brush - £32.50.
190 - Foundation Brush - £26.
168 - Large Angled Contour Brush - £26.
275 - Medium Angled Shading Brush - £19.
219 - Pencil Brush - £19.
212 - Flat Definer Brush - £17.
214 - Short Shader Brush -£19.
263 - Small Angle Brush - £16.
316 - Lip Brush - £16.
209 - Eyeliner Brush - £16.
231 - Small Shader Brush - £16.

Bag - £30 approx.

Total - £293.50.

That makes it a saving of £281.50!! I realise you are paying for the name and to support the company, but they are a big, international company so I don't feel as if I'm screwing them over too badly. Like I said I do buy their lipsticks, foundation and blushers. I just couldn't justify paying almost £300 for brushes.
There are a couple of slight differences, such as the 214 brush isn't as short as the real one and the 136 is discontinued I believe, I wasn't able to find it on the website. I haven't used any real MAC brushes and I'm not an expert, but these work extremely well for me, there are one or two that shed a little, but most are perfect. I especially love the 187, the 219 and the 168.

What do you think? Would you buy a fake product or is it a massive no-no?



  1. As long as you know they are dupes from the get-go then it's ok, it's not right if someone had've bought a couple of those under the impression they were real. I mean these look really good and if they do the same job then why not? The only MAC brush I have is the 217 which is one of the most popular and it's great. Although, when I first got it I found it slightly scratchy so I had to wash it with Johnsons Baby Shampoo and some hair conditioner then let it dry overnight and it really made it very soft. Are those brushes soft?

    1. Yeah, they were never actually advertised as being MAC, but I agree, it would be really awful if they were being sold under the pretence of being real.
      They are pretty soft, some softer than others. I recently bought some Johnsons Baby shampoo as it was on offer in Tescos so I'll be washing them all soon. I'd like to try the 217, it looks like a good brush.


  2. Wow, these brushes look amazing!!! xxx

    1. They are great, and such a good deal as well. Even if they are fake!



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