Monday, 27 January 2014

Grammy Awards 2014 | Favourite Dresses.

Sometimes I feel that the attendees of award shows are remembered for their fashion choices rather than the awards they are nominated for. I must say I am usually mostly excited to see what people are wearing, but it does depend on the award show. When it comes to the Grammys I'm never all that bothered about the awards, and looking through the list of winners I'm not all that inspired. Anyway, here are my favourite gowns of the evening. I don't like to post my least favourite as I think it's cruel and everyone has their own opinions!

Lets kick things off with Queen Bey. She looks stunning as ever in this Michael Costello lace creation. I absolutely love anything lace and this is so flattering. The sleeves are amazing and I love the whole shape of the dress. Doesn't she look fantastic?!

Next up, Amber Rose. The first thing I noticed was the fact that her tattoos have disappeared! Amazing make-up skills right there! This gown is absolutely stunning, I couldn't find who it way by though which is very annoying! It is another very flattering dress which emphasises her amazing figure that she has worked on after the birth of her son Sebastian. I love the gold pattern on this dress as well as the cut. So beautiful.
On the right we see John Legend with his model wife Chrissy Tiegen, who we see wearing another metallic gown. Metallics were definitely a theme for the evening! I love this strapless dress, with its low V at the front as well as the split up the front. It looks classy even though she is showing a lot of skin, I'm in love!

I don't think I'll ever hate anything Kelly O wears, she has amazing style. There is not one think I dislike about this dress, and she looks so powerful here, right?! Too cool for words.
Now, I don't actually know who the lady on the right is, other than her name, Kaya Jones. Ok, so I just Googled her and apparently she was in the Pussycat Dolls. Her dress is so amazing though, I know a lot of people will hate it but just wow! It's freaking amazing, I just love it.

Skylar Greys dress is one of my top picks this year, also by Michael Costello. Normally I don't really like nude gowns as they tend to make people look washed out or even naked, but this one really works. I can't put my finger on why though, it just does. I love the shape (I love anything with a fishtail) and the material, I think it suits her so well. What do you think, are you a fan of the nude? Maybe a red lip would have worked better here than the nude on nude.

I'm not a fan of Natasha Bedingfield, but I love this dress on her. The lovely coral colour is perfect, makes me long for Spring! It's a great shape, once again - it's all about the shape! Really liking her fringe as well.
Lastly, I have picked Taylor Swift and her Gucci Premier gown. Yet another metallic dress, this one has a chainmail effect which I really like. Most people are saying it looks like a suit of armor, but that's just people being mean. I think it's lovely, and also very flattering. One thing I would change is the lenght of the sleeve, but that's just a personal preference. This dress is definitely in her comfort zome, but if something works, why change it. For now anyway...

So what do you think? What were your favourites this year? Are you looking forward to The Oscars? I know I am, if Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't win then I'm going to be forever enraged.
Let me know if you've done a post similar to this, I'd love to see it!


  1. love 2 and 3 not a big fan of beyonce's hair!

    1. They are gorgeous. Yeah I know what you mean, but she can pul just about anything off in my opinion.
      Thank you for commenting! :)


  2. Queen Bey's outfit slayed it. Forget about Skylar Grey's outfit ;) I can't stop looking at her face. I wanna know who did her makeup. Loool. They need to come and do mine. Look at Skylar Grey's makeup. Her face is actually glowing, her face looks gorgeous.
    I'm now following you on GFC, please check out my blog and if you like what you see, follow me back xx

    1. It really was amazing. As was Skylars' make-up, I whole-heartedly agree! :)
      Cheers, I'll check your blog out.



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