Monday, 27 January 2014

TMI Tag.

♥ What are you wearing?..

At the moment I'm wearing Topman lounge pants that have a junk food print on them, my work shirt and a huge cardigan. Kind of a weird mixture...

♥ Have you ever been in love?

Yes, I am at the moment :)

♥ Have you ever had a terrible break up?

Not really a bad one, I was young and at the time heartbroken even though it was mutual. Looking back it wasn't a bad break up.

♥ How tall are you?


♥ How much do you weigh?

Not really sure 11st maybe? Been a while since I've weighed myself.

♥ Do you have any tattoo's?

I have one on my hip, it's of a bird. I would love more, lots more.

♥ OTP?

Erm, Dean and Cas? Haha. Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls for sure.

♥ What is your favourite TV show?

It will probably always be Friends, but at the moment I'm loving American Horror Story, Parks and Rec, and Supernatural along with many, many others! 


♥ Who are your favourite bands/singers?..

RHCP will always be my favourites, Paramore, Nirvana, Maximo Park, Biffy Clyro, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce too.

♥ What is something you miss?

I get very nostalgic about my childhood sometimes, I can't believe how fast time is going and how long ago some things were.

♥ What is your favourite song?

Don't reall have a favourite, it changes to often! Loving Daydreaming by Paramore just now though and Yonce/Partition by Beyonce, oh and Drunk in Love too!

♥ How old are you?..

Just turned 24 in November.

♥ Zodiac sign?


♥ Quality you look for in a partner?

A good sense of humor and being a bit strange too.

♥ Favourite quote?

"There's no fate but what we make" from T2. Also "Tomorrow is a promise to no-one"  which is from Folding Stars by Biffy Clyro.

♥ Favourite actor or actress?

Paul Rudd, Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Poehler and Jason Segel.

♥ Favourite colour?

Turquoise and purple.

♥ Loud music or quiet?

Loud mainly, but it depends on my mood.

♥ Where do you go when your sad?


♥ How long does it take you to shower?

About 10 minutes.

♥ How long does it take you to get ready?..

Depends if it's in the morning or afternoon. Morning, 5 minutes, afternoon about 45. Haha.

♥ Ever been in a physical fight?

Nope, lucky me.

♥ Turn on?..

Nice eyes, hair, arms (weird I know, I don't mean muscles, just nice arms...) and dress sense.

♥ Turn off?..

Cockyness and ignorance.

♥ The reason you started blogging?

Somewhere to contain all my ramblings.

♥ Fears?..

Heights, spiders and falling.

♥ The last thing that made you cry?

No idea, something silly probably. I cried at a Guide Dog advert last week!

♥ Last time you loved someone?


♥ Meaning behind your blog name?

Sort of explains itself I think.

♥ Last book you read?..

I've been trying to read The Casual Vacancy for over a year. Not been in the mood to read much recently.

♥ The book your currently reading?

Answer is same as above.

♥ The last show you watched?

Undeclared, I've just started watching it. I love anything Judd Apatow does. It also has Jay Baruchel, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel and Charlie Hunnam in it. Amy Poehler was in one episode too!

♥ Last person you talked to?

My boyfriend.

♥ The relationship between you and the last person you texted?..

A friend I used to work with.

♥ Favourite food?

Pizza and pasta. I also love hash browns!

♥ Place you want to visit?

I really want to go to Australia and the Carribean. Or back to Canada and the US.

♥ Last place you were?

Tesco, and before that work.

♥ Do you have a crush?

Lots of celebrity ones, yes. Ashton Kutcher, JT, Jensen Ackles, Charlie Hunnam, Evan Peters, Milo Ventimiglia and Paul Rudd.

♥ Last time you kissed someone?

About 30 minutes ago.

♥ Last time you were insulted?

No idea, was probably Kyle though, he's usually pretty insulting. Not in a serious way though :P

♥ Favourite flavour of sweet?

Raspberry maybe.

♥ Do you play any instruments?

No, I wish I was musically inclined!

♥ Favourite piece of jewellery?

Gold chain, seems to be the only thing I wear. Other than the metal tunnel I always wear in my ear.

♥ Last sport you played?..

Pffft, sports...

♥ Last song you sang?

I'm listening to Biffy, so one of theirs.

♥ Favourite chat up line?..

Ew, no. Some are funny but no.

♥ Have you ever used it?


♥ Last time you hung out with anyone?..

Last night I hung with Kyle and played video games and on Friday I went out with work people to see a band and have a dance.

Well that was something a little different. I just want to make sure that I post a little more. So it'll be posts like these until I can get some reviews and things sorted out! 

I tag everyone to do this, it would be lovely to get to know some more about you all!


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