Thursday, 4 October 2012

Avon mini-haul.

Here's another wee review for you. A couple of weeks ago I put in an order for some products from the Avon catalogue. I ordered a couple of lipsticks and a primer. One of the lipsticks was unfortunately unavailable, so I've only got the one at the moment. The one I do have is called Apricot Mystery, and it's an Ultra Colour Rich Limited Edition lipstick - £2.50, reduced from £7. I'm not usually one for coral or pink anything, but I think this is a really pretty colour. 

Now, I know it's Autumn and coral really isn't an Autumn colour at all, but I'm not really one for following the rules. Especially when it comes to colour! I've never tried any Avon products before, so I was very eager to get my hands on some. I must say I've had these items for a little over a week, this is because I just moved house and everything has been a little up in the air. Slowly but surely getting organised, don't have the internet yet though! Technically that won't be true when I post this, but it is true at the moment (2/10/12, I'm typing this up in OpenOffice). TANGENTS!

(Please excuse my dry lips!)

Focus Jenny, focus. Yes, so I tried this lipstick for the first time today. I must say that I was a little disappointed, only because it was a little more sheer than I had expected. I've never been a fan of sheer or glossy lipsticks and I would say that this is a little bit of both. It is a lovely subtle shade though, I do love the colour, even if it's not as pigmented as I had hoped. From now on I think I'll stick to matte, opaque lipsticks. So all in all I think that if you like sheer lipsticks then this is for you.

On to the second product, Magix Face Perfector - £10.50 (I actually think I paid less than that for it though).

This is basically a primer, something I've never used before but was once again eager to try. It looks like moisturiser, but has a wonderfully odd texture. On the website it is described as a 'gel-powder', seems legit. It goes on very easily, and I found it made my face look a little smoother. Not that it totally smoothed out my pores around my nose or anything, but it did help. I would say that it made my dry patches more noticeable though, so maybe if you also have dry skin this isn't for you. I do agree that it gives a matte finish, which is what I prefer. It can be used with or without foundation as well which is a bonus. I do like this product, but I wouldn't say I'm completely sold, I'd like to try a few more primers. Any suggestions?


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