Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Dainty Doll Haul Number 2 | Swatches + First Impressions.

As you may have noticed there have been many, many posts about the hugely discounted Dainty Doll products on Fragrance Direct and Amazon. I was very excited when I first heard and headed straight over to Amazon. You can see what I got the first time by clicking here.
A couple of weeks later I checked again and prices were reduced even further, I couldn't believe it!

This is what I got the second time round.

That concealer is supposed to be considered Medium, and for a brand that caters mainly for pale girls...It's not quite as bad once you see it swatched, but I must say I wasn't impressed. I only paid £1.99 for it though. Always looks on the bright side of life and all that!

This is my second Dainty Doll blusher, this one is called My Girl. It's a very pretty pink colour. The colour is a little stronger than any other pinky blushers I own. Which is exactly why I love it so much. The only problem with these are that the fall out is insane! It's manageable if you're being careful though.

I was a little concerned about the little spots on this lipstick, is it something to do with condensation or something? I think I read that somewhere once. That doesn't sound right though, perhaps it something to do with the formula. I love this colour though and the formula feels lovely on the lips. It glides on and is mega pigmented.

I'm yet to try this concealer, but it's something I'd been looking for as I really wanted to try a colour correcting one. I couldn't get a decent swatch of this, but I will eventually do a review on this so you can see how it works then.

The pigmentation of all the products is fantastic and for the price I really shouldn't have anything to complain about. However, if I'd paid full price for these I would be a bit disappointed.

Which item is your favourite? Have you nabbed any great deals for yourselves?


  1. I definitely need to get on the Dainty Doll bargain train! That blusher is so pretty x


  2. These look great! I really want to try Dainty Doll products as well.


    1. They are a little hit and miss, I'd try them out now while they are still around at cheap prices! :)


  3. Hi Jenny I'm Eli from Italy.Unfortunatly we don't have this producst so I'm more curious about them :( Hope you can visit my blog and share makeup suggestions.Eli

    1. Dainty Doll is make up designed for pale girls. It's a shame you don't have it in Italy. I'm going to check out your blog now :)



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