Friday, 16 November 2012

Ed Sheeran at Usher Hall, Edinburgh.

On Monday I went to see Ed Sheeran at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh. He is one of my favourite musicians, I think he is so creative and talented at what he does. There were two support acts - Passenger and Foy Vance. They were both brilliant, it was the first gig I've been to where both support acts have really amazed me. You should check them out! This is my favourite song from Passenger, it's called Holes. You should seriously give him a listen. Here is my favourite from Foy Vance - I Got Love.

It was then time for Ed to come on. The noise was deafening, I've been to a lot of gigs but I'd never heard the crowd get so excited when the act came out. Don't get me wrong, I was screaming along with everyone else! He sang pretty much every song on his album (including the hidden track, The Parting Glass), everything except This and Wake Me up I think. As well as those songs he did a couple of covers, these were Be My Husband by Nina Simone and Wayfaring Stranger by Johnny Cash. I had watched him doing Wayfaring Stranger on YouTube and I was hoping he would do it live, it was the highlight of the gig for me. It was just so fantastic, the crowd was so quiet at the end that he took away his mic and sang without it for a line or two, it's worth a watch. Here's my video of it.

For the encore he sang the extended version of You Need Me, this was also fantastic. During this song he tripped and almost fell into the crowd, which was a bit scary but actually hilarious at the same time. Which is ok, cause he had a laugh about it too.
I must say this is one of the best gigs I've ever been to, he was so interactive with the crowd, his voice is even more amazing than I imagined it to be, it is a privilege to get to see him perform live with his guitar and loop station and everything. If I ever get the chance to see him again I will without hesitation!

Here's a few photos, I say a few, there's a lot...

Usher Hall.
Some pretty lights.


Foy Vance.
Ed Sheeran.

I also have some other photos from the trip, my mum and I went around the shops the next day.

The make-up I took with me on my trip.

So that's everything! More posts to come over the weekend hopefully.
Please share your favourite gig experiences, or where you like to go shopping in Edinburgh, anything!



  1. i LOVE Ed Sheeran!!
    So lucky you got to see him!!

    Follow back? -

    1. He was amazing, you need to see him if you ever get the chance!

      Sure thing :)



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