Thursday, 15 November 2012

Elf Lip Stain and Gloss | Review

A while back I ordered a bunch of stuff from e.l.f as they had sale around Halloween time. One of my favourite products from this haul is the lip stain in the shade Red Carpet. First thing, I absolutely love this shade, I think it's beautiful. It's a very blue toned red which I think it really suits my skin tone, and many others too I suspect! I also got this on sale for £2.25, so it's a total bargain. Normal price is £3.75.

The main reason I love this so much is because it is so opaque and matte. It's texture is thick and sticky like a gloss but it dries within about a minute. You can then choose to leave it as is or put the gloss on top of it (you get a clear gloss on the other end). It's lovely either way, but my personal preference is to leave it matte.

You can see below how thick it is.

Wearing stain only.

With gloss on top.
This product is heavily pigmented and stays put really well. Mainly when the stain is worn alone. I had to be very careful when applying this as if you make a mistake it's really difficult to remove. That swatch on my arm was a nightmare to remove! That, to me, is a good thing though.
I like to wear stains as a base for lipsticks as it helps keep the colour for longer and this one is perfect if
you're like me and wear red a lot.
I wore this tonight to the cinema, it lasted pretty well. I ate a hot dog, and drank a lot of juice and it did come off in the centre of my lips. So it can't quite survive that, but I am an incredibly messy eater, so show me something that could survive me eating a hot dog and I'd be amazed! Any suggestions?!

The Good.

Beautiful colour and pigmentation.
Can be worn matte or glossy.
Can be used as base.
Decent price (£2.25 on sale).

The Bad.

Smells weird (I know I forgot to mention that).
Doesn't survive eating or drinking very well (could just be me though!)
The applicator for the gloss gets the stain on it and looks kind of gross.

What do you think, are you a fan of e.l.f? Do you wear lip stains?


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