Friday, 30 November 2012

Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick Reviews.

I'm very excited to say that I've bought another two lipsticks from the Kate Moss Rimmel matte collection! The first one I bought is mentioned in my Favourite Matte Lipsticks post (shade 111). I originally wanted shade 107 when I was looking at them the first time but it was sold out. I then found out my mum had it and she let me try it out. I fell even deeper in love with it. When I noticed Superdrug had restocked it I couldn't help myself. I also wanted to try a pinky/nude shade so I also picked up 101. Such a bargain at £5.49 each!

Shade 107.

Shade 101.

L - 101, R - 107.

Shade 101 doesn't suit me as much as I would have hoped, maybe that's because I'm not a huge fan of lighter shades of lip colour, but who knows. It's nice to try other colours out though and I will have a play around with it again.
Shade 107 is a gorgeous deep red wine colour. It's slightly darker than what I normally wear, but I think that it's perfect for this time of year. I've seen this shade be compared so MACs Diva, I would say this is a little lighter and less gothic looking though. That makes it easier to wear in my opinion.
These aren't the most matte lipsticks I've ever tried, which does mean that they're not drying and don't make your lips look chalky. I have extremely dry lips at this time of year and it does emphasise that a little, but not as much as other mattes. Saying that I do love a proper matte lipstick!

The Good.

Decent price (£5.49).
Lovely pigmentation.
Matte finish.
Sleek packaging.
Not drying.

The Bad.

Could be more matte.
Not a huge colour range.
Often sold out (can only mean they are great though!).

Not sure if there are any other colours I would want unless they bring out more!
Do you have any? What is your opinion on matte lipsticks?



  1. I love matte lip colours! However, it is hard to find good ones which don't dry out your lips - especially at this time of year! As I've struggled in the past for some I usually just put on a bit of lip balm, let it dry in then use a lip liner all over my lips then dab on a tiny bit more balm. Also, I would use a tissue to blot any excess. x

    1. Definitely, I have very dry lips just now so I'm mainly wearing vaseline which helps a lot. Thanks for the advice!
      Really enjoyed your November favourites post. Been meaning to try the Revlon balm stains. You should try their matte lipsticks!


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