Friday, 16 November 2012

Favourite Matte Lipsticks.

As you may have noticed by now I absolutely love matte lipsticks. I don't think that I suit shimmery lips, a bit of sheen at night is enough for me.

These are some of my favourite matte lip colours (minus MACs Russian Red, which will have it's own post soon).

Please excuse the grody state of the packaging!

First one is by e.l.f, it was mentioned it in my haul a couple of weeks ago. It's a lip pencil in the colour Tea Rose and it cost £3.75. It's a lovely cool pink colour, something that is a little odd for me, but this is pretty much the only thing I wear other than red. I do find it to be a little more drying than the other two I'll be writing about, but it is beautifully opaque.

The next one is from the Kate Moss for Rimmel matte collection. It is in shade 111 - Kiss of Life. I was actually looking for shade 107 when I was looking at them as I wanted to try something a little darker for Autumn, but it was sold out. So I went for yet another red! I'm very glad I did, it's a beautiful colour which I have worn several times. It's a slightly deeper red than a classic red, so it's different from anything I already have. Bonus points for it being matte! This is a long lasting colour and it's not too drying on my already dry lips.
I will be keeping an eye out for 107 though as my mum has it and she loves it! These cost only £5.49.

Lastly, this is my absolute favourite, it's Really Red by Revlon. Revlon is a brand that I had never really paid much attention to before this year. The first thing I bought was their Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie, I was looking to try something a little different and I was pleasantly surprised. From then on I kept an eye on the stand and tried a few different things out. I also saw many blog posts and review raving about their lipsticks so I thought it was time to try one. I bought this about a month ago from eBay, for £5.99.

L-R: Tea Rose, Really Red and Kiss of Life (111).

Do you like matte lipsticks? Any suggestions?



  1. Mac Russian Red is perfect! I love matte lipstick, and I love that Kiss of Life! I need it! Awesome blog :)

    1. It really is, I'll be doing a post on it very soon! It is lovely, matte reds are my favourite at the moment. Thanks very much, yours is fantastic too! :)



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