Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Elf Blushers | Review + Swatches.

Remember a while back I posted about an elf haul? Well, here's another couple of products from said haul.This time it's two blushers, although one is really more of a highlighter. You'll see what I mean in a moment. These both cost £2.25, that's with 40% discount.

I decided it was time to try a few different shades of blush as for the past few years I've mainly stuck with baby pink. My all time favourite was from the Elite range, I bought it because I recognised the name from Americas Next Top Model. At the time it was the model agency the winner would be signed with. Silly reason for buying something, but I guess I'm easily influenced by things like that! I bought it in Superdrug and the range can't be found there any more, which is a shame as I lost my blusher shortly after hitting pan. Sobs.
I now use an MUA blusher in shade 1, which has a little bit of shimmer in it.

Anyway, I bought Candid Coral and Gotta Glow. As you will see Gotta glow is a cream colour with shimmer, so it works as a highlighter more than anything. Which is nice if you're wearing a matte blush and want to add a little glow to your look, as the name suggests!
I really like Candid Coral as well, it's also got some gold shimmer to it which is lovely and reminds me of some of the Nars blushers. The packaging is also reminiscent of Nars, not quite as sleek but for the price, who can complain!

Candid Coral.

Gotta Glow.

L - Candid Coral, R - Gotta Glow.

As you can see Gotta Glow really is more of a highlighter, I find it strange that it's not sold as that and can be found in their blusher section.
They both have beautiful shimmer to them, they look more metallic than glittery which I really like. They aren't that heavily pigmented, but I find the colour easy to build up. The texture of them is lovely, they aren't chalky at all. Overall I really like these products and I will definitely try more out in the future, although I don't think I'll get through Gotta Glow any time soon as I don't use a highlighter all that often.

If you're looking for a decently priced blusher then Elf is the place to go! They usually have great offers and things on their website as well, so it's worth checking them out. I also recommend MUA if you're on a tight budget or just want to try out some new colours.



  1. i love elf blushers! and how they look like nars blushes :)) well, similar! love the shades you got here too!

    followed you!

    1. I agree, I'm really glad I tried them. Thanks very much for your commenting and following, you have a wonderful blog. Followed for sure!

  2. Hi there! I haven't used this kind of blush before, because I am just starting to like makeup stuffs this year! But with your review I will definitely try this one as soon as I get money! haha thanks for sharing! Followed you, I hope you can check mine back! ;) Stay pretty and keep on smiling!


    1. I'm the same, I'm really just getting into beauty and things properly this year. They are a really good brand to buy if you're looking to try out new colours and products you've not had before as they are pretty cheap!
      Thanks so much for the comment and follow! You have a great blog, I'll be following back :)
      You too lovely.



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