Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Perfect Nude Eyeshadow Palette.

When I was younger it was all about the crazy eyeshadow colours, and don't get me wrong it still is sometimes, but recently I've really been getting into neutral shades for my eyes. It makes it easier for wearing make-up at work, plus I love a bold lip so it's a bit much otherwise!

I'm going to compare/review a few different palettes that I have acquired recently, these are the Undressed palette by MUA, the NYX Nude on Nude set (which also contains lip colours), and lastly the Naked palette by Urban Decay. As you can probably tell already they range in price from £4 (MUA), to £14.99 (NYX) and finally £36 (UD). I will only directly compare the Undressed palette and the Naked palette because they are pretty much the same! There will be a small review of the NYX one at the end. Be warned, this is a very photo heavy post!

Undressed palette from MUA - Top L-R: Shade1, Shade 2, Shade 3, Shade 4, Shade 5, Shade 6. Bottom L-R: Shade 7, Shade 8, Shade 9, Shade 10, Shade 11, Shade 12.


It even gives you tips!

Does it need an introduction!?

The Undressed palette seems to be attempting to be an exact dupe for the Naked palette (it took me a good while to realise the similarity between the names too! Duhhh). I compared them earlier, they appear to be very similar colours in the same order. Here are the swatches.


Sorry for the pretty rubbish photos, the light was changing really dramatically and my camera battery died and I had to switch to me phone. I know, excuses excuses! It's all natural light though.
As you can see the lighter shades such as Virgin/Shade 1 and Sin/Shade 2 are really light on my skin tone so it was a bit harder to photograph them.

I would say that the colours are very similar, but the ones in the Naked palette are more intense and pigmented, as you would imagine. The ones that are better in Naked (in my opinion) are Half Baked, Gunmetal (look at that shimmer!) and Toasted.
Although saying that there are a few shades in the Undressed palette that I prefer, these are Shade 4, Shade 2 and Shade 3. The colour pay off is better with these colours. I have a bit of an issue with the pigmentation of the Naked shadow, it's far too subtle and just isn't as good as the other colours in the palette, I had to swipe it about 3 times for that swatch.
I use Half Baked the most in my Naked palette, I am totally smitten by it. So I may try and switch it up a little and use the similar shade in the Undressed palette so I don't go through it so quickly!
I much prefer the texture of some of the MUA shadows as I feel they are creamier and feel nice and smooth. They blend just as well as the Naked colours too which is impressive. I actually reached for the Undressed palette this morning over my Naked! That may have been because I felt I was neglecting it though.
With a price difference of £32 you can't really complain. With a decent base you can get some really lovely looks. Ok, so I'm going to do a kind of pros and cons list for Undressed below!

Undressed -The Good.

Lovely range of colours.
Cheaper alternative to Naked.
Great pigmentation.
Only £4!
Available online and in Superdrug/drugstores.
Very smooth textures.
Easy to blend.
Handy tips on the back.
More compact for travelling.

The Bad.

Not great looking packaging.
Not all shades are exact dupes for Naked palette shades (still great as a whole though).
I'm really struggling to find anything else I don't like!

I was going to do some comparisons with those two palettes and the NYX Nude on Nude, but there were only a couple of similar shades. They did a good job at producing some shades that are unique from the other two, which is really good because I don't feel that it is obsolete in my collection.
Here is some photos of the palette and swatches!



Nude on Nude by NYX.

The NYX palette is fun to play around with, it's great as it has complementary lip colours which makes it even better value (£14.99). All of the colours are lovely and work together well. It has a much wider range of colours and shades than the other two palettes although you do get a smaller amount of each. I've tried a few of the lip colours and they are far more pigmented than I expected.

All in all I would say that I still love the Naked palette but it is a luxury item and is something nice to get as a present. If you're on a budget or just want to play around with nude colours like I do then why not try the MUA palette first.
I'll be doing another post involving these palettes very soon!

I hope this wasn't too jumbled and hard to follow, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
Do you have any of these palettes, have to compared them before?



  1. Love this post. I've heard about the MUA as a dupe for the Urban Decay pallette, but I'd never heard of the NYX one. I love that the NYX comes with lip colour too, I'd definately try it. Where can I buy NYX? I've never heard of it before?!

    1. Thanks very much! Yeah, I really like the NYX one, so many different shades, and the lip colours are a definite bonus. I thought you could only get it in the US, but I found that palette in TK Maxx. Here's the UK NYX website as well. Only problem is it's £25 on here but it was £14.99 in TK Maxx. Thanks for your comment!



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