Monday, 25 February 2013

Oscars 2013 | My Favourite Gowns.

Did anyone else watch the Oscars last night? Kyle and I stayed up until 1.30am to watch and they were on until 5am, but I'm not working today so it's alright, I got to sleep in. We also watched a little of the Red Carpet beforehand, it was great hearing the interviews and seeing what everyone was wearing!
First off I thought Seth MacFarlane was an odd choice as host, maybe they wanted the ceremony to come across more light hearted. Which they did succeed in doing, but it seemed a little forced. I'm not a huge fan of Seth if it's not Family Guy related. I did enjoy Daniel Radcliffe and JGL's singing and dancing, but that's about it.

Anyway, on to the dresses! I'm not going to do any worst dressed choices because I don't think it's very nice and there are plenty of websites and magazines that will have lists like that.

Just a warning, I do not own any of these images, they are mainly from Getty and Wire images.

Stacy Kieblers dress was probably my favourite so I'll start with that one. She's wearing a Naeem Khan dress with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and Lorraine Schwartz jewellery. The dress fits her so perfectly, it's absolutely stunning. The silhouette is very simple, but looks so sleek and flattering. I love the sliver and gunmetal colouring. There were several beautiful metallic gowns, which moves us onto Halle Berrys amazing Art Deco style Versace dress. I love anything with shoulder pads and this is a perfect example. I think it suits her brilliantly, even if some people have put her on the worst dressed list, I really don't agree with that at all!
Both of these dresses are a perfect example of how pattern can accentuate your figure.

These two will be on numerous best dressed lists for sure! Jennifer Lawrence who picked up the oscar for Best Female wore this stunning Dior creation. I love the texture of the fabric, I think it adds another interesting dimension to the dress. This gown is very flattering to her figure, it looks like it has a corset built in, so no doubt it was a little uncomfortable, especially for sitting. Extra kudos for you Jennifer!
Jessica Chastain took a bit of a gamble with this colour, as it's very nude and with her light skin and red hair it could have easily washed her out, but she pulled it off brilliantly. The dress is Armani Privé, with Christian Louboutin shoes and Harry Winston jewellery. .She looks so amazing, just look at that bold red lip too! I love the cut of this dress, it reminds me of old Hollywood glamour, especially teamed with the lips and her hair style. Altogether the perfect choices for the oscars! Her dress is my second favourite.

Samantha Barks caught my attention during the Les Miserables performance as her dress was absolutely beautiful. I realised I hadn't seen her Red Carpet dress so I looked it up, and how glad I am that I did! She looks absolutely amazing. Such a simple black Valentino dress but the deep V and the pockets are little touches that make it sexy and interesting. Special mention to her on stage dress too, I'll add a (low quality) photo of it later on.
Reese Witherspoon is another one that was on a few Worst Dressed lists, but I think she looks lovely in her Louis Vuitton gown. Sure it's not the most flattering, although saying that the colour and cut is lovely. Can we also bear in mind that she just had a baby?! I love the black detail on the sides and top, including the little bow that some probably find tacky. The train adds a touch of glamour and it really is a proper gown.

Here's Samantha Barks other dress. It's such a beautiful colour, and while it's a little old for her I think it's still absolutely beautiful and quite a contrast from her Red Carpet dress.

Do you have any favourites, or do you disagree with and of my picks? I'd love to hear your opinions!


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