Sunday, 3 February 2013

Winter Shoes | H+M, Doc Martens + Primark.


Has everyone had an enjoyable weekend? I've been working away and tidying the house, but I relaxed a bit this evening which has been lovely.

Just wanted to do a quick post today as it's been a few days and I'm working a lot over the coming week. I've been aiming to do more fashion/clothing related posts as it's something I'm really interested in and I have a lot of clothes and shoes etc!
I want to share with you all the shoes I've been wearing the most over the past couple of months. The weather has been pretty gross here as you can imagine or perhaps you've experienced it too! Lots of rain, snow and general coldness. So my footwear has had to be able to cope with all that. Basic requirements include decent grip on the sole, they must be cosy (with room for extra sockage!) and black (as it goes with absolutely everything).
Here are my Top 3!

My newest pair of shoes, I got these about 3 weeks ago from H&M online for £29.99. I was going to post a link to the website but I can't find them on there any more! They are very chunky and 90s, which a lot of people may not like but I love them. Easy to walk in, fantastic grip, easy to get on and off, as well as decently priced!

Ahh, good ol' Docs! You really can't go wrong with these. My dad bought me these when I was about 15 (8 years ago, eek!) and I wore them to school.  I kind of neglected them for a few years though which is why they are in such good condition. Super comfy, great grip, durable and just the perfect footwear for snow!
You can buy them here. Beware, there are so many amazing shoes on their website!

Now these I've had for a few years as well. They are a bit more battered and I've worn these the most. They're from Primark and they cost £18. That was back when Primark was even cheaper than it is now so I must say I was reluctant to pay so much for these, I'm glad I did though. They are very comfy, and even though they don't look like they have decent grip on the soles I've had no trouble in these at all! I've almost worn these to death, the material is splitting a little at the back which makes me very sad.

What have you been wearing on your feet this winter?


  1. The new album is very good.:-)
    Love the first shoes.*_*

    1. I'll have to give it a listen! Me too, they're my favourite. :)



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