Saturday, 26 January 2013

Liebster Award #2 + #3.

I'm so excited! I've been nominated for another Liebster award. I didn't think I'd ever even get nominated for one! This time I was nominated by the lovely Taimar over at Sparkle and Monroe, thank you so much!
Since I've done this before I won't do the 11 random facts, I'll just answer her questions and link you to the other post!

Questions from Taimar at Sparkle and Monroe.

1. A Brief intro about you! (Not really a question but oh well hehe)

My name is Jenny, I turned 23 in November and I live in Scotland. At university I studied Fine Art with a focus in photography, which is my main passion. I also love the cinema, and watching films at home. I live in a flat with my boyfriend Kyle and two little kittens called Salem and Sparky. I work in a baked potato emporium.

2. What is your blog mostly to do with? Eg. lifestyle, fashion etc.

I'd say it's mainly about beauty, but I'd like to review films and talk about music more. We'll see how is develops over the year I guess! 

3. What is your dream job? Why?

Being a fashion photographer is probably my dream job, it's always been a huge interest to me. I love looking through magazines and seeing all these beautiful, inspiring images. Mario Testino is my favourite! Either that or Director of Photography. I'd love to work in the film industry and cinematography is one of my favourite aspects of it.

4. Glamour or Company Magazine?

Glamour, I don't really buy Company very often.

5. Favourite country?

That's a tough one! I love the UK, and I'm so glad I live in Scotland. Even though it is pretty scummy in parts the beauty of the countryside more than makes up for it! I loved Canada when I went in 2011, and of course America, I'd love to live in Toronto or LA. 

6. What is your worst pet peeve?

This is tough, I'd say rude people. There are so many people that just have no manners and are completely ignorant to everyone around them. Bad grammar annoys me too, even though I'm a culprit of that sometimes. Kyle says I use commas recklessly.

7. Celebrity Crush(es)?!

I have quite a few! 
James Franco, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Evan Peters, Ashton Kutcher, Jared Leto, Kurt Cobain, Ryan Gosling, Anthony Kiedis, Adam Scott, Tom Hardy, Aaron Johnson, Ed Sheeran, Aiden Turner, Charlie Day, Chris Hemsworth, JGL, Jake Gyllenhaal, Norman Reedus, Blake Anderson.
Now for my lady crushes! 
Hayley Williams, Beyonce, Kat Von D, Dita Von Teese, Mosh, Frances Bean Cobain, Zooey Deschanel, Emma Stone, Cara Delevingne, Lindsey Wixson.
Does that answer the question? Haha.

8. Do you have a fashion inspiration?

I can't think of anyone in particular, so I'm just going to say Tumblr!

9. Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn?

Marilyn Monroe.

10. One thing you can't live without?

Food. Not just cause I couldn't actually live without it, I love eating!

11. Do you have any vintage items?

I have a few bits and pieces, a black leather clutch, a chunky gold chain, a smashing pumpkins tee that was my mums, does that count? Also a few jumpers and blouses.

I just read that I've also been nominated by Emily over at Fall From Innocence.

Here's my answers to her questions

1. What has inspired you to start your blog? 

I originally started it so I could post photos and random thoughts, and I did it because I love reading other peoples blogs and looking at lovely photography. I suppose it's still pretty much about that. 

2. Do you have any hobbies? What are they, how long have you had them?

My biggest hobby is photography, and next to that it's blogging. I've had this blog for 4 years but only started posting regularly a couple of months ago. I've been into photography since I was about 15, so 8 years. I also love going to the cinema and watching films at home. That's been a lifelong hobby!

3. Who is your main style inspiration? 

I don't think I really have one, Cara Delevigne maybe...

4. Who is your favourite band/artist and why? 

Red Hot Chili Peppers, always has been, probably always will be. I have so many great memories tied to their songs. They have a great range of songs from funky raps to slow jams (that's right, slow jams...), they're great people, I just love them! So amazing live, whether it's been John or Josh on guitar.

5. What is your favourite beauty item? 

I love lipstick, so much! Specifically Russian Red by MAC, 107 by Rimmel x Kate Moss and Really Red by Revlon, all are matte.

6. Which is your favourite high street store?

H&M I think, or New Look.

7. What future career aspirations do you have? 

See Q.3 in the first set of questions.

8. Books or Films?

I love reading but it has to be films!

9. Is there any music festivals that you intend on going to?

I've always wanted to go to Reading or Leeds, but I don't intend to go as I'm over going to festivals. I'd love to go to Coachella or Lollapalooza in the US too.

10. Heels or Flats? 

Flats are so comfortable but I love wearing heels for going out. It would have to be flats though!

11. What is the staple piece in your wardrobe?

Leather jackets, or my disco pants, they are so comfy and versatile!

I loved answering both of your questions.
Thanks Taimar and Emily! :)



  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has a crush Jason Segel!!! Everyone makes fun of me for that.

    1. He's so lovely! A couple of my friends like him too, we're not alone! :)



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