Thursday, 24 January 2013

Rimmel Apocalips | Luna, Nova + Apocaliptic.

Finally, they're here!
I was really excited for Rimmels Apocaliptic lip lacquers to launch (alliteration FTW!). Which is a first for me, I've never been excited for a beauty product to come out before. Look what blogging has done to me! Being a lover of all things to do with stars and the universe etc I'm loving the names of the shades as well.

I had a rough idea of the shades I wanted, although saying that I think I may want them all eventually (except the pale ones, you'll see why later). Boots are doing them for 3 for 2 at the moment which is exciting and I may have to go get the rest of them and take advantage of the deal. These are priced at £5.99 a piece, I'd say that's about average for a high street lip product. The three shades I picked up are Nova, Luna and Apocaliptic. I keep thinking I picked up Celestial, but I didn't so I obviously need to go get that one as well, and Big Bang...and Stellar (isn't stellar just a fantastic word?!). 

So what are these strange new lip products? Well as far as I can tell they are liquid lipstick. They are highly pigmented and pretty opaque, so that's a lipstick side of it I guess, but they have the consistency, shine and packaging of a gloss. Saying that, they aren't very sticky, they feel more creamy and not tacky. 
One thing I don't like about these are that they settle in my dry patches and the lines of my lips really noticeably. It's a shame because I like them, I'll just need to exfoliate my lips better or wait until summer.

Photo time! Warning - there's a lot of them!

L-R Luna, Nova, Apocaliptic.

I feel that Luna doesn't suit me and I find it fairly streaky. Maybe it's too orange for my skin tone, I'm not quite sure. This is also the shade that faded the fastest. The other two shades are lovely, I wanted to get some colours that I don't usually wear so these pinks are perfect for this! They are also a little more opaque which I love. Nova is super pretty and can be used to add a little bit of colour to the lips, I'm guessing Apocaliptic could be used for this purpose too although I've not tried that yet. I wore Luna and Nova at work today to try out and as I mentioned before Luna faded rather quickly, around an hour. Whereas Nova lasted a little over two hours, but it was wiped off by accident so that's not accurate!

Before you look at these photos can we please forgive the fact that my face is fuzzy like a peach? Ok, good. :)

Overall I love these products and I'm glad that I wasn't disappointed (maybe a little with Luna, but you can't have it all!). The packaging is amazing, the colour range is stunning, the branding in general is spot on, and for £5.99 I can't complain! Looking forward to picking up another three of these beauties.

Have you tried these yet, had you been anticipating their release? Does anyone else think these should have been launched in time for December 21st last year? 



  1. OOOO! Those are so vibrant!!!


  2. I got mine today as well!!! I actually just got Celestial! I LOVE it! I'm going to blog on it soon. Yes, I think "stellar" is a fantastic word also ;)


    1. It's sold out in my Boots now, and they still don't have Big Bang so I'll have to wait. They are fantastic, glad you got one you like too! :)

      Haha, I might have known you'd like that word :P



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