Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wednesday Waffle - Week 5 | Fender Mag, Wardrobe Organisation + Sale Shopping.

This post almost didn't happen because I forgot it was Wednesday today! I cannot actually believe it's the second week of 2013 already, it's bizarre. To me it almost doesn't feel like Christmas or New Year even happened, everything is still moving so fast.

Over the past week I've been enjoying reading all the blog posts about 2012 Favourites, whether they're about beauty or things like TV and film.
These are a few of my favourites,

Miss Holly - the best of 2012 | make up
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Essie-Button - 2012 Beauty Favourites.
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I also happened upon this very cute page on  - just look how adorable these hedgehogs are! My favourites are 2, 3, 12, 17, 19 and 20. They're all adorable really.

The weather has been very changeable this week, mainly cloudy but the sun was shining today despite it still being chilly. A couple of nights ago I looked out of the window and it was misty, I love when it's like that, I think it's so eerie and atmospheric.

This Friday will be the 3 year anniversary for my boyfriend and I. We're going out for a fancy Italian meal courtesy of my aunt and uncle who gave me a gift voucher for Christmas. Will maybe do a little review of it as I've never been before. Excited!

A couple of weeks ago I did some sale shopping online and I finally have all my items, I had to go pick some up from the post office as I missed the deliveries (I also went to the wrong post office first, oops, silly me).
I got a black sequin midi dress from ASOS, two pairs of black skinny trousers from Daisy Street and a black off the shoulder top from ebay (I think the brand is called Krazy, I really like their stuff even though a lot of it only comes in small sizes.).
I'll have some more photos of the items soon, here's a sneak peak. Sorry for the quality of these photos, no natural light at the moment!

My Dad dropped by my work earlier in the week and he had the Fender magazine with him, I assumed it was a special edition issue because it was celebrating an anniversary. Turns out it's the very first issue! It's so sleek and well put together. He then brought me my very own copy, yay! I'm yet to read it all because I skipped straight to the article about Nirvana, specifically Kurt Cobain and his love for Fenders. They even made a signature model of the 65' Fender Jaguar based on the exact one Kurt used to have (which they say was his favourite guitar), this was for the 20th anniversary of  Nevermind. It even has similar wear and tear on the wood.

Tonight Kyle and I decided to tidy the flat a little, there were lots of clothes and things for me to sort out in the bedroom. I dislike tidying and especially hanging clothes up, but I did it. I've been wanting to do a post on my wardrobe and things but never got around to it. When we moved house Kyle was kind enough to let me use the 3 wardrobes we have in the bedroom for my clothes (he uses the built in wardrobe for his stuff).  I took some photos and put them together.

As you can see they are organised by colour, or lack of! Lots of black and grey. Not all of my shoes are there, I still need to organise them a bit more.
How do you organise your wardrobes?

Anyway, I'm off to watch Wedding Video with the boy. Will have some film reviews and things coming up I reckon, really want to get into doing that more.
I have a new list on IMDb of films I've watched so far this year if anyone's interested, will be updating as I watch of course! Here it is. 
What kind of films do you like to watch, any favourites from last year? Any you're looking forward to this year? Surprisingly I'm looking forward to Les Miserables, not something I'd normally like but the cast is amazing and the advert makes it look pretty epic.

I hope 2013 is treating you all well so far!

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