Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sleek Face Form | Review + Swatches.

Hello! How is everyone this week, enjoying the snow, or lack of? It's been pretty snowy here, but not as much as other places. Outside it's bitterly cold and I'm enjoying cuddling up with tea and biscuits, dreading the idea of going out. This is inevitable though as I'm heading up to Kyles' parents for tea very soon!

Last week I was in Superdrug having a wee nosy...really I was looking for Sleeks Face Contouring Kit but I couldn't find it. I'd seen the review of it on Thunder & Threads and I so wanted to give it a try! Highlighting and contouring are things I always skip when doing my make up as I tend to forget if I'm honest. I also didn't have anything to contour with, hence the reason I was seeking out the little duo. 
So I discovered that my Superdrug doesn't stock far as I'm aware, but they do stock Face Form (£10), which is a palette  with 3 different sections (like their Blush by 3 palettes). It has the contour powder, a highlighter as well as a blush in Rose Gold. It's a really handy little palette to have, especially if you travel a lot - it even has a mirror in the lid. It's basically the Face Contour Kit (£6.49) and you get a blusher for £3.51 instead of £4.49. 
The palette comes in four different shades, Fair, Light, Medium and Dark. The two darker shades come with bronzers instead of blushers.

Now I don't know a lot about contouring so please bear with me here! 
I really like it and I feel that it's easy to blend, which was a concern I had. Another concern I had was that it was going to be too dark for me. I bought the Light palette as they didn't have the Fair one in stock, I figured Light would work just as well but when I opened it and really thought about it it did look a bit dark. Not to worry though, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it out! I find it blends beautifully and doesn't look silly on my pale skin. Phew! I will say I did use a very light hand when applying this as I was a little scared by it so once I get used to it I think it will look a bit better. I will do a FOTD post featuring this palette soon, promise. 
Swatches to follow.

This is a lovely shimmery highlighter, I really enjoy wearing this. There is minimal fallout which is great. I have an Elf highlighter that is very similar to this but it goes everywhere and is a bit of a nightmare to control. So this is a much better alternative! The Sleek one is more subtle as well and has a more natural glow to it. It just depends on what your personal preference is.

Rose Gold is a blush I hadn't seen before. I don't tend to look at the blushers very often as I feel I have plenty to get through at the moment. This one is gorgeous though! I'm actually really glad this one is included in the palette. I'd say it's similar to Orgasm by Nars, the colour is almost the same, but it has more gold shimmer running through it. It's absolutely amazing, eeee! Can you tell I've had a lot of sugar today?!

L-R - Contour, Highligher, Rose Gold Blusher. (Probably didn't need to be labelled, haha).

I'm so in love with this palette, I didn't realise how much I love it until writing up this review though. It's so handy and great value I can't fault it. All of the powders are very pigmented as you'll see from the swatches. You get great value for money here and I'm super pleased with the quality of the palette as a whole. I'm falling deeper and deeper in love with Sleek with each product I buy! Their packaging is always fantastic too, I want to use the word sleek to describe it but that might be a bit cheesy. Let's just say their name makes perfect sense!

I'll definitely be trying out some more products from this brand, I have my eye on a few things already. I can't help myself, I keep looking on their website! So many wonderful products. Can you tell I'm smitten?!

What do you think? Do you bother with contouring and/or highlighting for your everyday make-up, and have you tried any Sleek make up before?



  1. I love Sleek blushes! Had my eye on the Face Form for ages. I sometimes highlight, occasionally contour but definitely not every day.
    S xx

    1. They do have some amazing colours, I want more!
      Yeah I tend to highlight more, recently got a highbeam sample and I love it!


  2. That is so lovely!!! I wish the U.S. had Sleep Makeup!!

    1. It is fantastic. I'm sure I saw on their website that they ship to the US! You should check it out.



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